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Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen
South American, old school & new school

A mother and daughter with experience at Fearing's, Five Sixty, and restos in Switzerland & Spain are each bringing their own S American takes to Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen, a cozy spot that actually looks like a family kitchen, at the intersection named after a very musical episode of Friends, Hall and Ross.

Apps: Wondering if they have beef heart pate infused with wine & herbs? They do. They've also got Causa Limena: crab-stuffed potato croquettes w/ avo puree and huancaina sauce.

Mains: Get stuffed on pollerita (beef bone jus over grilled sirloin, w/ crispy yuca root cake) and majadito: duck confit over risotto-style arborio rice, topped w/ an over-easy egg, though these days she prefers to be known as a "sexually liberated egg".

Booze: Forget your week/old Friends episodes with a margarita made from Andean cherimoya fruit, a passion fruit caipirinha, or Joyce & Gigi's Sangria with strawberries & rhubarb.

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1. Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen 1623 N Hall St, Dallas, TX 75206

This restaurant is run by a mother-daughter team who lend the family kitchen atmosphere of the establishment a sense of authenticity. The menu of home-cooked dishes includes such items as Pork Sirloin, Duck Confit, Grilled Flap Steak and Chicken Milanesa Fritatta.

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