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Peruvian comes to Central

Named for the Nazca Lines -- like crop circles, except in the shape of monkeys, jaguars, and other stuff that's more fun than circles -- Nazca Kitchen came about because of the Red Hot and Blue dude's affinity for food from the original bean town, Lima

To honor it, he's created a funky, hybrid-service (sit & read menu, then order at counter) diner that's around infinity times more tropical than the one Barry Levinson hung out in

The glass is handblown, and the photos were taken by the owner, who once worked for the AP

Wake up with their custom roast, then grab a perico (Venezuelan-style burrito w/ eggs & roasted kale) and a fruit puree made with acai pulp instead of concentrate. Because "you can't get the good stuff in the States", he's "got a guy" running 60kg up from Rio to Miami. We're still talking about fruit

Later in the day, eat this ceviche.

And these mango-relished, butter-leaf lettuce fish wraps, or a 50/50 Wagyu/grass-fed beef Andes Burger topped w/ red pepper cheese sauce & avo mash on a crunchy bun made w/ honey & molasses.

"Talon chicken" wraps, with egg, lettuce, cheddar & onion stuffed in sun-dried tomato tortillas, which foodie Tech fans hate wasting on tons of TD celebrations that'll never lead to national championships

Knife and fork through this roasted half chicken that's marinated for 24hrs, then covered in aji amarillo sauce. If you eat 72 ounces of it, it's still not free, but it'd be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.