You know in The Karate Kid, how the Cobra Kai are a bunch of badasses and no one can beat them, and they can just run around in skeleton costumes beating the crap out of kids, but then ALL OF A SUDDEN little Daniel Russo comes along and completely... changes... everything? Well this is exactly like that, except the part of Daniel Russo is played by the sandwich you see above, and it's sweeping the leg out from under every other sandwich ever made.

Aaron Miller

Available over at Sprinkles' new ice cream shop, this ice cream sandwich with CUPCAKE HALVES FOR BUNS lets you pick the c-cake variety (we went with dark chocolate) and the ice cream (peanut butter cup, 'natch), then they serve both in a cup. It's apparently meant to be eaten with a spoon. If you're a terrorist.

Tara Kash

Thrillist editors = not terrorists.

Tara Kash

Initial impressions: soft, then cold. Kind of a chocolatey, cupcake-y taste, followed quickly by the creamy, peanut butter cup ice cream. It's very messy, proving there is indeed a wrong way to eat a Reese's.

Tara Kash

Verdict: If you like cupcakes and you like ice cream, it's a win-win, but only if you're cool eating it with a spoon, because, like the Cobra Kai when they're about to get crane-kicked in the junk, you'd be smart to use a cup.

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1. Sprinkles Ice Cream 8413 Preston Center Plaza Dr, Dallas, TX 44060 (University Park)

The LA-based cupcake shop already has a cupcake ATM in Dallas, and now they've entered the ice cream world with this Preston Center spot, which slings ice cream, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches with cupcake buns (!).



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