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Oh, this? It's just a new McKinney Ave Tex-Mex joint with four tequilas on tap.

Tacos on the upstairs patio at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX
Aaron Miller

From the guys behind The Standard Pour, Pozo Mercado is McKinney Ave's first and only Tex-Mex joint with quatro on-tap tequilas -- a two-bar hacienda de late-night tacos with a balcony perched over McKinney for crowd-watching/comparing Capulets to the morning sun.

Painting at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

First, put down whatever you're smoking doing and pay attention...

Poblano mac & cheese at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

... because this place has poblano mac 'n cheese topped with cheddar cheese tortilla strips.

Budin Azteca at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Also: this Mexican lasagna stuffed with chicken and mango, plus beef tenderloin loaded w/ chorizo, bell peppers, and enough serrano to get the Tribe outta last place.

Bar at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Oh, and the first-floor bar: it looks like this and's stocked with more than 40 different tequilas, mezcals, and even "sotol", mezcal's leather jacket-wearing, sex-having older brother who lives in a "loft".

Tequila taps at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Here, the aforementioned quartet of teqs: Hornitos, Don Julio, Dulce Vida, and Patron. Unless you want him to start kicking bottles off the table again, please don't tweet this at Michael Imperioli. Kidding!! You totally should: @TequilaMichael.

Drinks at Pozo

Off-tap booze includes the house 'rita, the jalapeno/mint Loco Pozo, and a wine-, pomegranate-, and tequila-addled sangria garnished with a blood orange, which is just like a blood diamond, except slightly less murder-y.

DJ booth at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Ensuring you're not the only one spinning, the second floor gets punched up with a live DJ.

Upstairs bar at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Hello, bar number two that's upstairs and has Dulce Vida adorably served by the barrel.

Rio Grande at Pozo Mercado, Dallas TX

Oh, and upstairs they're doing this tequila-laden Rio Grande, which uses watermelon ice cubes that keep it as cool as Mercutio's body in Act III, Scene II... Too soon?