Sandwiches made from waffles, in Inner Sunset

Waffles are a versatile food -- they can be eaten for breakfast, or for dessert, or, well, that's pretty much it, but, still, two different meals! Oh, also brunch. Adding a fourth and fifth waffle meal to your daily regimen, Cafe Dash

Showing off the versatility of the previously morning-only staple, just-opened DC (from a Cal grad) is lunching/dinnering/desserting up Belgium's signature dish with Inner Sunset's first made-to-order waffle sandwiches, served until 11pm in a cozy, two-room interior with birch-colored tables 'n chairs in the front, a leather-chair-and-coffee-table-decked backroom, all on just-added hardwood floors, which they were undoubtedly pining for. There're five batter-based cake sandos in all, including three with meat (brie/prosciutto/apple, ham/cheese, turkey/avocado), one with fish (smoked salmon/cream cheese), and a vegetarian-delighting provolone and avocado that's dressed with pesto, and absolutely terrified that turkey/avocado will end up wearing the same thing. For dessert, they've got bite-sized waffle balls filled with caramelized sugar (which you'll get free just for ordering a coffee/smoothie), and a waffle sundae served with vanilla, chocolate, or "special" ice cream from Bi-Rite with addables like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce, which is surprising, as Darryl was really more into narcotics

Yet another claim to fame: DC will be one of the few Blue Bottle slingers in the 'Set, plus serve a caffeine-packed affogato (Bi-Rite vanilla bean scoop topped with BB espresso), and nine types of 24oz smoothies -- a food that'd be a lot more versatile if these Dash dudes would just figure out how to shove a waffle in it.