Restos and bars that killed it this year

Suck it, Dalmatians, because Denver got some great new spots of its own in 2012. Here are the best, according to some of Mile High's finest chefs/ brewmasters.Simon Purvis, Executive Chef, EDGE Restaurant"Punch Bowl Social is a fantastic addition to Broadway; it's a fun concept that's sure to go national. A close second is True Food Kitchen in Cherry Creek."Andy Brown, Beer Maestro, Wynkoop Brewing Company"I like The Universal, which not only has great brunch but is also right near my house! As a brewer, I feel like Prost Brewery has really raised the bar on what a start-up brewery can be."Troy Guard, Chef/Owner, TAG, TAG | RAW BAR, TAG Burger Bar"Linger is a great f**kin’ place, a cool hangout. I also like Uncle; great noodle bowls."Jorel Pierce, Chef de Cuisine, Euclid Hall"...same old story for now. Euclid is my number one, albeit my opinion is slightly biased. The Squeaky Bean is awesome. Sometimes it seems like our new restaurateurs are speaking in culinary run-on sentences about three things at once. 'Identity' should be the word of 2013."Justin Cucci, Chef/Owner, Linger and Root Down"I don’t get out much, and when I do, I pretty much go to new spots as of 3 years ago. I've watched the same 39 episodes of The Honeymooners for 30 years, and still love them, and am fully satisfied with them, so looking for the next new hot spot isn’t my strength. But I bet the best new spots of 2012 are just as exciting as the new spots of 2011, '10, '09, '08, '07, '06, '05, '04, '03, '02, and '01. As usual, none of 2012's new spots have regurgitated someone else's concept, or style of cooking, or jumped on the trend 747-wagon that is flying nonstop from New York or San Francisco to 10000 smaller cities."