Irish pub adds more bar, inches to your waistline

Irish pub McLoughlin's is taking advantage of a Riverfront Park bank that likely shut down because of plummeting interest rates in things that are not beer. They claimed the next-door space, installed a new bar to double their total taps, and added new eats, all in an effort to ensure you still have some place to blow all your hard-earned money

There're approximately 161 more places to grab a seat than there were in the original space, which is especially great for people who travel with an entourage of 160

The expanded patio shall be bumpin' when it warms up around St Paddy's Day

Craft additions include Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker, and a selection of Dry Dock

The owners are two brothers from Dublin, but the chef's from Maine, so he's taken it upon himself to cut his statesmen (...lobsters) into tiny chunks and bake them into this mac n' cheese

These brunch-ready soft-boiled Scotch eggs are housed inside panko-breaded Polidori sausage, because who has the time to eat eggs and sausage in two separate bites?!

Continental pork & fennel sausage atop mustard mashed potatoes: a dish made for a rainy Dublin day. Or like, a snowy Denver one

Local poultry people Red Bird Farms provide this half-chicken, which is plated above a Brussels sprout confit/ roasted potatoes in a lemon mustard jus

Finish off the meal with housemade cinnamon/ sugar cake donut holes made to be dipped in a creme anglaise and chocolate sauce that's basically liquid gold, unlike your assets, which all had to be liquidated long ago.