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Gluttonous new eats on Larimer Sq

Generally, when a 24hr resto announces they have a new dish, it just means the chef ran over something on his way to work. But not so at delicious modern comfort food shack Tom's (owned by the guys behind Smashburger), whose freshest additions include

These fried Brussels sprouts are doused with Asian vinaigrette

There it is folks: Colorado calamari, which technically means "calamari from some non-landlocked place plated with green chile ranch & remoulade"

The oceanic parade continues with this truffled lobster/ shrimp/ truffle gravy pot pie

Tom's take on chicken & waffles (The Fried Chickenlooper) gets a new look with sweet corn pancakes, but keeps the Red Bird half-chicken breaded in matzo. Truly, a dish you won't want to Passover

Definitely not kosher, this open-faced Angus meatloaf platter is swathed in melted Swiss

And for a South-of-the-Border option, get these blue corn crab enchiladas, and rest assured that your teeth will be the only grill these things were ever picked out of.