Shared plates from an Ace chef

Corner House is no longer just what you do when demanding a diagnoses of your Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: it's now a Jefferson Park bistro plating three meals a day from the famed chef behind Vesta Dipping Grill and Ace Eat Serve

The space is filled with local reclaimed goods: a former Highland fence is plastered on the walls, and Gaetano's original stools sit in front of the bar (everything else from the original Gaetano's is buried under Giants Stadium)

Stop by in the morning for Novo java and cafe fare like Greek yogurt and granola. Or cop a breakfast burrito packed with sausage

For hours not breakfast, sip on the Leopold Bros whiskey/ Dancing Pines chai liqueur Three-Oh-Three. Order a Seven-Two-Oh cocktail and they'll know you just moved here

Think way, way, way outside the bun with this lunch of sustainably-caught Gulf yellowfin tuna & sushi rice topped with avocado

Plates here are designed for sharing, though you'll likely wanna hog this yuzu kampachi brule all to yourself

Creme brulee is typically made with a chicken egg, but CH's take on the classic uses that of a duck, also what you'll need to do when House swings that cane while trying to escape your clutches.