LoHi's home for Southern fried goodness

Finally, you can go to Jezebel without learning that "Sonogram Parties Are The Latest Rage" thanks to this LoHi bistro serving up hot plates of Southern deliciousness "that feeds the soul"... and also, you know, the stomach. Pops of color from the purple bar stools and booths help give the space a completely different vibe from when it housed the first iteration of The Squeaky Bean. This here's a Southern twist on a traditional mozzarella salad: fried green tomatoes and a red pepper jam. Jezebel's buttermilk fried chicken is made gluten-free, so you can convince yourself you're eating super healthy and order another drink. The bar's stocked with whiskey and moonshine. Cocktail-wise, the bourbon/ Leopold Bros peach liqueur/ sweet black tea Rebel Yell should do the trick. Assuming the trick is to scare minorities. Examine this signature dish like a gossipy handwriting expert: jumbo shrimp 'n grits atop Andouille sausage/ poblano peppers/ onions. The owners previously ran a Caribbean resto called 8 Rivers, so they likely knew where to catch this catfish before frying it up, and serving it with Hoppin' Johns (made healthier with barley, not rice). And finally: them sides. You really don't need to know anything more than that they have this baked mac 'n cheese, and that it can and will make you at least look like you should be having a pregnancy party.