Street tacos and new cocktails in Highland

Mile High is crazy about Pinche Tacos (do yourself a favor and don't search the translation for "crazy pinche tacos"), and to feed the demand, the award-winning street-fooders opened their second outpost in Highland, complete with a bar program not found in the original City Park shop

The new spot has the same intimate feel as the first, with bar seating that overlooks an insanely busy open kitchen. (Pictured: ...said kitchen, taking a rare break from being insanely busy...)

Bring a larger party and sit at this community table before it's canceled by NBC

As refreshing as they are boozy, PT's "extractions" (created by infusing grain alcohol with fruit/ herbs/ tea) include limeade, pineapple ade, and the green tea/ white whiskey "Promontory Point" -- a moniker everyone hates except for the bartender who created it. Make a new friend by asking for it by name

Citrus-seared shrimp, pico, avocado, and lime make for a simple, delicious taco

On-Demanding Magic Mike isn't the only way to enjoy mouth-watering hunks, as evidenced by this pork belly agridulce (sweet & sour braised)

Don't sleep on the crispy, roasted carnitas

Similar to the Mexican Xtabentún liqueur, this housemade anise extract is cut with local wildflower honey, and can serve as a nice digestif at the end of a meal, so no need to search out some other place to go for post-dinner drinks.