The Best Pizza in Denver to Order Right Now

Indulge a little.

Grabowski's Pizzeria
Grabowski's Pizzeria | Werk Creative
Grabowski's Pizzeria | Werk Creative

As the world shut down around us earlier this year, there was one thing we could truly depend on: pizza. This takeout and delivery staple became the ultimate quarantine comfort food. It travels well. It’s a crowd (err… household) pleaser. And let’s be honest, even kind of bad pizza is still kind of good. But in Denver, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than pizza that makes you beam with joy and forget your trouble for a few glorious, cheese-covered moments. We may not be restricted to a to-go only dining world any more, but our love for pizza -- especially the pies from these top tier Denver spots -- only grows stronger. From classic NY style to crispy-crusted Detroit-style and even pies covered in mac & cheese, your next pizza should definitely come from one of these stand-outs in the scene.

Joy Hill
Courtesy of Joy Hill

Joy Hill

Platt Park

Broadway’s Antique Row got a whole lot tastier in March 2020 with the opening of this new destination for pizza, cocktails, and natural and organic wines opened. Their pies begin with naturally leavened sourdough crust made from mostly local flour which forms the foundation for must try pies like their customer favorite Chilis N Pep with pepperoni, pickled peppers, honey, mozzarella. The best part? They’re also the only pizza place around with a rooftop patio. 
How to order:  Order online via the website.

Blue Pan
Courtesy of Blue Pan

Blue Pan

Multiple locations

Yes, this place serves other kinds of pizza (you'll find New York, Italian, and Chicago-style pies on the menu), but that's not what you're here for. The specialty from award-winning pizzaiolo Jeff "Smoke" Smokevitch is the addictive Detroit-style pies that transform often-trashed crust into the cheesy, caramelized highlight of your pizza eating experience. Pair it with a Colorado craft beer to-go and give yourself a pat on the back for being so damn smart with your life decisions.
How to order:  Dining rooms remain closed, but you can order online for pickup and delivery or call your nearest location to place an order (West Highlands, 720-456-7666; Congress Park, 720-519-0944)

Ian's Pizza
Crystal K Photography

Ian's Pizza


It’s centrally located between all of downtown’s most buzzy neighborhoods and it’s open until midnight. What more could you ask for from a pizzeria? Glad you asked. You could ask for a thick crusted pie topped with the kitchen sink -- pasta, black beans & rice, specialty combos like fish & chips or brats & kraut, or their famous mac & cheese pie. You name it. You could also ask for housemade dipping sauces like green chile ranch, and side salads with 40 different ingredients. And beer. And chocolate-peanut butter Chex Mix for dessert. Essentially, this Wisconsin-based cult favorite will deliver, no matter what you're looking for.
How to order:  Order via ChowNow for pickup and delivery

Pizzeria Locale
Sarah Boyum

Pizzeria Locale

Multiple locations

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when the masterminds behind Boulder's Frasca Food & Wine and Chipotle Mexican Grill met to discuss their plot for world domination. But you’ll get the gist of it by being a human at the counter of their pizzeria franchise: These guys mean fast-casual gourmet business. Acting as streamlined versions of the full-service Boulder flagship, the Denver outposts of Pizzeria Locale offer the same knockout Neapolitan-style pies -- including the Mais with crème fraîche, ham, and corn -- in a fraction of the time, along with beer or wine on tap, a couple of salads, and the famous butterscotch budino for dessert.
How to order:  Order online for pickup and delivery or visit your nearest location including their newest which just opened on 9th and Colorado

Adrienne Thomas


Multiple locations

Getting squeezed and jostled like cargo in a shipping container -- because you’re actually in a shipping container at their original Rino location -- is all part of the fun at this ode to the roadside cafes of Italy. The other part of the fun? The airy, bubbly, truly amazing pizza. They offer a lineup of eight pies including a rotating seasonal special but for a truly simple slice of perfection, go for the Daisy, aka their take on the margherita paired with a dozen oysters. Bonus: Their second location in Lohi makes it even easier to find this pie perfection now. 
How to order:  Order online for pickup; they’re also open for dine-in on a first-come, first-served basis

Kaos Pizzeria

Platt Park

No other spot feels as homey as Kaos -- and that’s because the building is a 100-year-old brick cottage complete with a quaint garden patio where you can order these artisanal pies when the weather warms up. Everything here is done by hand, and ingredients are sourced from local farms and ranches, and even from neighbors who have a bit too much garden bounty on their hands. Go for one of their tried and true favorites like broccoli & tater, but be sure to also check out their ever-changing seasonal specials.
How to order:  Use their online ordering system for delivery and pickup or stop by for dine-in

White Pie


You’re asking what is “New Haven-style” right now, aren’t you? Think thin, slightly charred crust in a rustic, asymmetrical shape. They’re incredibly tasty and served in a trendy space that features highlights like a chandelier made from over 1,000 wine bottles. The whole operation was started by the same brothers that brought us Dos Santos; Kris and Jason Wallenta, who were inspired by the “pies” (not pizzas) they ate growing up on the East Coast. Don’t miss the Porky Porkorino with red sauce, mozzarella, sopressata, pickled chiles, and hot honey. And if you need a second, go for the eponymous White Pie with crème fraîche, mozzarella, garlic, bacon, crimini mushroom, and an egg on top. The best part? All their pies are only $12 on Mondays.
How to order:  Order online for pickup, via Grubhub for delivery, or stop by -- they’re open for in person dining every day of the week

Marco's Coal Fired | Ballpark
Courtesy of Marco's Coal Fired

Mark Dym, who owns Marco’s (which briefly went through a name change to Racca’s) along with his wife Kristy, wanted to make the perfect pizza, so they headed straight to Naples -- pizza’s beautiful birthplace. They’re now the only Colorado restaurant that’s been certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is basically the international authority on authentic Neapolitan pies. While they do also offer NY style pies, you’ll want to head to Marco’s for the pizza napoletana section of the menu which includes the can’t miss pistachio with sweet Italian sausage, pistachio pesto, and fresh mozzarella. 
How to order:  Both locations are open for dine in and offer reservations, or you can order online for pickup and delivery

Grabowski’s Pizzeria
Werk Creative

Chicago may be best known for deep-dish pizza, but there’s another, dare we say better, Windy City pie specialty that deserves your pizza-loving attention. Restaurateur Jared Leonard first brought his Chicago-based hot chicken joint, Budlong, to Denver in 2018 and has since added AJ’s BBQ and will soon add Evergreen eatery Campfire to his Mile High repertoire. But with this spot, he’s made things extra personal. His pizza place in The Source specializes in the pies he grew up with: cracker-thin-crusted, square-cut Chicago tavern-style pizza. Pair them with an Italian beef, loaded with giardiniera for an authentic Chi-Town experience right here in Denver.
How to order:  Online ordering is available for pickup and delivery, and they are open for dine-in Tuesday-Sunday starting at 4pm

Famous Original J’s Pizza
From The Hip Photo

The man who brought NYC bagels to Denver at Rosenberg’s -- and big city deli favorites at Lou’s Italian Specialties -- is also serving up legit slices at this window service joint. Josh Pollack’s trio of eateries are a haven for East Coast transplants and the pies coming out of Famous J’s may be the most addictive of the bunch. You can order full pies, but nothing compares to the experience of walking up to the window and ordering a couple of slices served on paper plates and eating them street side.
How to order:  You can order pickup & delivery online, but a fresh slice from the window is still the optimal way to go

Pizzeria Lui


OK, so there are other pizzerias on this list that do a charred crust -- and do it well -- but this spot that’s a short drive from Downtown has developed a cult following thanks to the pies being made in their wood-fired oven. Cooked at 900 degrees, each 14-inch pizza (they come in only one size) features a just-burnt-enough crust and a lingering smokey flavor. Add toppings like homemade sausage, roasted Colorado onion, anaheim peppers, garlic, chile flakes, and basil (aka ‘The Italian’) and you’ll find yourself making excuses to head to Lakewood to try out the whole menu.
How to order:  Call (303) 922-3202 for pickup -- also can (and should) call early to schedule for a pickup slot; they’re currently open Wednesday-Sunday, 3pm-11pm (or ‘til they sell out)

Crush Pizza + Tap
Courtesy of Crush Pizza + Tap

Here, you not only get to pick your pizza toppings, you can also pick your ideal style -- they offer deep-dish, hand tossed, Sicilian, and gluten-free options. But for a place formerly named Denver Deep Dish, that’s the place to start. Is it authentic enough to please born and bred Chicagoans? It might be. Especially if you’re into loads of toppings layered with sauce and cheese. If you’re not eating in, your pie will arrive unsliced, because otherwise deep-dish overflow is a real threat. But sliced or unsliced, crust filled to the brim with toppings like locally made Polidori sausage and Tender Belly bacon, Mile High Giardiniera, Italian beef, and much, much more deserves your full attention and empty stomach.
How to order:  Directly through their website for pickup and delivery, or make a reservation to dine in (it’s not required, but is preferred)