LoDo sandwich shack will fatten you now

Maybe you can ask Jared to give you his old pants with the 48'' waist, because this LoDo sandwich shop could care less about thinning you down. Seriously: the CO iteration of E&G's is scooping out the bread they use to make even more room for juicy animal parts

The Wisconsin-born meatwich outfit ingeniously places that scooped bread on top of the sandwich. Please note, these things aren't kosher, despite the bread-yarmulkes

Behold the buffalo chicken salad/ bleu cheese dressing Erupter. Don't bother asking why they named it that

The Geeter's packed with Alaskan whitefish, and is one counterpoint to a menu made primarily of chicken/ turkey options

Or scoop up the signature cranberry wasabi/ chicken/ cheddar/ cherrywood-smoked bacon Quattro -- don't be fooled by the name: they promise it won't shave any inches off your waist.