Health on The Hill

A riddle: how do you gain pounds without gaining ounces? Why, by eating on The Hill, where it's all burritos & beer, and all the dispensaries have shut down. At least you can now get a little greenery at The Corner though, a totally novel healthy eatery

Beetlekill-pine-enhanced walls and Douglas fir tables fashioned by a co-owner's pal fill up the minimalist, 1500sqft former Del Taco, which was obviously going to fail, because what does a computer company know about tacos

Stop by in the morning and get treated to local fave Ozo coffee

All manner of pastries, croissants, and muffins are trucked in from a local bakery. And there are egg sammies on bagels all day long

And like a small Wiccan gathering, there's a quartet of 'wiches. Unlike a small Wiccan gathering, this one's packed with grilled steak, caramelized onions, and chipotle mayo

Get super healthy with salmon or mahi mahi on a bed of quinoa, brown rice, and all sorts of veggies

The Paleo is the closest CU will get to a bowl anytime soon: grilled Red Bird chicken & Angus steak over mixed greens/ quinoa, all topped with chimichurri sauce. Prepare to get pounds from anyone who appreciates delicious health food.