The 9 Best New Burgers in Denver

Brad Beal/Highland Tap and Burger

There’s nothing better than a great burger… except maybe a great NEW burger, which is why we’ve thoughtfully rounded up 9 new additions to the Denver dining scene you can’t afford to pass up. You’re welcome!

LOHI Luau Burger

Highland Tap and Burger (address and info)
If you thought the LOHI Luau Burger gracing the menu at Highland Tap and Burger these days would come with a tiki torch toothpick, fire dancers, and a woman a grass skirt, well you’re ambitions are a little high, but not by much. It starts as a traditional Hawaiian themed burger, with pineapple and black forest ham, etc., but then the flavor gets cranked up via Korean Kalbi sauce and a house-made sriracha mayo. Which’re almost as good as women in grass skirts.

Matt Lankes/Thrillist

The Goodnight Burger

Hopdoddy (address and info)
Until recently, “Goodnight” was just a way of saying goodbye after the sun set. Now it’s how you order one of the sweetest burgers to hit the Mile High this summer: in between two brioche buns, the Goodnight Burger comes with Tillamook Cheddar, hickory BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, sliced jalepenos, and Sassy Sauce. And the best thing about this burger (besides Sassy Sauce!) is that $1 of the cost goes to Camp Courage, a free camp for families affected by childhood cancer.

Courtesy of The Nickel

7X Ranch Wagyu Burger

The Nickel (address and info)
The good things about The Nickel’s 7X Ranch Wagyu Burger: the 100% Japanese beef patty, the aged white cheddar, the traditional fixin’s, and the brioche bun. The one bad thing: it doesn’t cost a nickel. But the price tag is worth it when only 5 purveyors in the country are using this type of beef! And if you’re feeling really 2 Chainz about it, add “Billionaires Bacon,” which confusingly enough only costs $2.50 extra.

Chris Bobek Photography/Thrillist

Breakfast Burger

Old Major (address and info)
If you really want to show your parents you're taking your life seriously then either move out and get a girlfriend, or get the Breakfast Burger at Old Major. It’s a serious burger that, like most things at Old Major, starts with pork, and then gets topped with American cheese, a fried egg, and Denver Bacon Company bacon, with a pickle on top.

Thirsty Lion Gastropub

NW Pub Burger

Thirsty Lion Pub (address and info)
You could get a normal burger that’s topped with normal cheese, and everyone would just pass you by like the normal dude you are -- OR, you could start turning heads by ordering the NW Pub Burger at the Thirsty Lion Gastro Pub. Get ready to explain to every passerby that it’s a gorgonzola-infused burger stacked with sweet onions, maple pepper bacon, arugula, horseradish cream, and, since there is nothing really wrong with more cheese, some white cheddar on top.

Connor Green/Thrillist

Hail Hail Caesar!

Sunnyside Burger Bar (address and info)
Should you feel guilty about eating this all beef patty, American cheese, corned beef, fried egg, lettuce, and Caesar-dressing-topped masterpiece? Not when monthly proceeds from this go to Project Pave, a program to empower youth to end relationship violence. 1,500 calories have never felt better.

John Imbergamo/Thrillist

Au Poivre Burger

Bistro Vendome (address and info)
The Au Poivre or “Pepper” Burger is called that ‘cause in addition to a hearty portion of ground beef -- and gruyere, grilled onion, arugula, tomato, aioli, etc -- this sucker gets loaded with pepper bacon, then served on a potato bun, with a healthy portion of their not-so-healthy pommes frites.

Courtesy of BURGERFI

Summer BBQ Burger

BURGERFI (address and info)
South Broadway
The burger focused people of BURGERFI took everything you love about summer and piled it high between two toasted potato buns: coleslaw, white cheddar, American cheese, pickles, and tender BBQ pork. All the stuff you hate, like sunburns, rainy days, or your Aunt Karen’s potato salad, was thankfully left out.

Punch Bowl Social

The American Burger

Punch Bowl Social (address and info)
Most will think they have the American Burger at Punch Bowl Social figured out at first glance. Sure, it’s a fairly unassuming two-patty burger topped with lettuce, cheese, yellow onion, and tomato. Boring, right? Right… until you realize it’s also covered in bacon jam. Yes, bacon jam! God bless America.

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Connor Green is a Thrillist contributor that can believe it’s not butter, but is too afraid to tell anyone.