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Eat CO's tastiest seafood while staring at the mountains

Not just the most efficient way to greet Nicholson and White at the same time, Hi^Jax is also a 115-seat sky-high patio, serving up some of the freshest, finest seafood served in CO, all paired with sweet mountain views and sunshine.

blackened grilled shrimp at Hi Jax

Hi^Jax has a separate menu from the sibling resto (Jax Glendale) it sits atop, and it's worth heading upstairs for dishes like the Blackened Grilled Shrimp, tossed on a kabob with andouille sausage, and placed atop a zesty seafood remoulade.

patio at Hi^Jax

There're plenty of places to sit and enjoy the mountain views...

mountain views at Hi^Jax

... which can be quite nice. Montana ain't got s**t on our big sky.

chips and pimento cheese dip at Hi^Jax

Before diving into plates of seafood, start off light-ish with malt vinegar-dusted chips and a Pimento cheese dip made from piquillo peppers, cream cheese, crème fraîche, and cheddar.

mussels at Hi^Jax

PEI mussels couple nicely with tomatoes, grilled bread, and spicy chorizo.

bottles of wine and seafood at Hi^Jax

Knock back one of the Austrian Berger Gruner Veltliner white/ Zweigelt red wines served from 1L bottles into tumblers, but not tumblrs, because it's impossible to drink wine from inside a One Direction fanpage.

tap handles at Hi^Jax

Also pairing well with seafood are local taps from Dry Dock, Avery, and Funkwerks, or house-made sangria.

burger at Hi^Jax

If you're not in a seafood mood, order up a Colorado Best Beef Burger, a dry-aged, all-natural work of art between two buns. Pair that puppy with a Belgium Stiegl beer from a can and there'll be nothing that can hi jax your beautiful evening.