The best secret off-menu dishes in Denver

Published On 10/31/2014 Published On 10/31/2014
Monster burger
Rebecca Feder

What do zipping down the highway with your favorite Tom Petty song blaring and discovering an absurdly delicious secret menu item at a local Denver joint have in common? They're both freakin' awesome. So we teamed up with EchoPark Automotive (Mile High's newest neighborhood auto spot) to give you the scoop on (and seriously risk our waistlines for) the city's tastiest secret menu items.

Rebecca Feder

KGB Burger, DBar Desserts
City Park
The mad scientists of dessert have been flying under the radar with a secret menu highlighted by the KGB Burger, a praise to their Chef Keegan Gerhard, not that one guy running things over in the former USSR. This burger is a monster: 3 Kobe slider patties, caramelized onions, bacon, and A1 aioli all sandwiched between two house-made cheesy waffles. Make sure you hit this place up when it reopens at it's new 19th Ave location in November.

Alex Lerman

Frankcheesy Dog, Juicy Burgers & Dogs
The new kids on the burger block are making lots of noise with their daily specials of chargrilled deliciousness. However, many do not know about their "Secret Insider Menu" that contains hidden gems such as the Frankcheesy Dog. This Vienna dog breaks all kosher laws by teaming up with two strips of bacon and melty American cheese. Sound like you belong there by asking for it with "the works" which includes mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, and a pickle.

Rebecca Feder

Emergency Bacon System, Burger Radio
Just recently rolling into Denver with an absurd amount of off-menu burgers that you've gotta see to believe, BR's finest secret burger is the Emergency Bacon System. It's made with ground chuck and ground bacon that's formed into a mouth-watering patty, all smothered with white cheddar and green chilis.

Alex Lerman

The Toast Cristo, The Lobby
Five Points
Ever wonder what royalty eats to cure their Sunday hangover? The crew over at the Arapahoe St standby The Lobby has a good idea with The Toast Cristo. This signature sammy combines French toast, bacon, ham, cheddar, muenster, and berry jam for a meal fit for a Count after a long night of medieval debauchery.

Yelp User/Lani P.

Malasadas, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ
It turns out that the kings of Kalua pork have been hiding a delicious foreign treat from us for a while now. The pork palace offers delicious malasadas made in-house only Thursday-Sunday. These delicious, deep-fried bites of heaven can be served traditionally or with all kinds of fillings like chocolate or guava, and they're always coated in sugar. It's cool bro, you'll get a lift in tomorrow.

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1. D Bar Desserts 494 E 19th St, Denver, CO 80203 (City Park)

D Bar is a unique Colorado establishment serving up exquisitely unique treats and refreshing libations.

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2. Juicy Burgers & Dogs 6830 S Yosemite St, Centennial, CO 80112

Other than its bright apple-red chairs, this simply decorated Centennial burger spot is known for its above-average chargrilled beef patties, assembly cleanly into ten classic burger options. If you're coming in with an especially large appetite, the restaurant also offers a generous menu of free burger toppings including chili, crispy fried onions, and blue cheese that will let you construct your own juicy, supersize meal.

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3. The Lobby 2191 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80205 (Five Points)

Diners at The Lobby know better than to take themselves too seriously, and it’s not just their Bloody Marys talking. The whimsical Denver restaurant puts a premium on fun, and, ergo, offers brunch all week long. The endearingly irreverent menu cuts right to the chase: it offers items that are “Fried,” “Fresh,” “Stewed,” “Loaded,” “Blazed,” and “Smashed,” often lean savory, like the Challah at Ya Boy with challah, bacon, fried egg, tomato, cheddar, almond pesto, and breakfast tots, or the Wake ‘N’ Bacon, which wraps a messy pile of hash browns, cheddar, pico de gallo, and eggs in greasy, salty bacon all sitting meekly beneath jalapeno cream and cilantro. The Lobby’s libations are robust and tasty -- opt for the Whiskey Hickey, which blends Woodford Reserve with blood orange puree, basil, and agave nectar.

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4. Aloha Hawaiian BBQ 8623 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80229

This Hawaiian BBQ joint is quick, easy, and super filling. Indulge in some rare malasadas (shh! not on the menu!) and instantly be glad you drove to Thornton.

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5. EchoPark Automotive 500 E 104th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233

A car isn’t just a machine -- it’s part of the gang. It’s always ready to hit the open road and drive memory-making adventures. And Denver’s EchoPark Automotive takes that to serious “car geek” levels with a super-encompassing lineup of cars. Check ‘em out and find the next four-wheeled member of the crew.