Small-batch ice cream shop mooves into Highland

cow about to eat Lucky Charms ice cream at Sweet Cow

Sweet Cow isn't just what a dairy farmer says when he spots a hella good-looking bovine. It's also the name of a popular Louisville shop that's spread its wings beyond the 'burbs in order to scoop its homemade, small-batch ice creams to Highland's masses, all while incorporating plenty of CO-made ingredients. The old-timey malt shop look gets a modern twist with touches like a recycled paperstone cardboard counter. And when the weather's nice, six outdoor chairs serve to seat two to three enormous ice cream fans. Local cows provide the cream used in the 10 long-standing flavors (mint chocolate chip, cookies 'n creme). Another 10 rotate every two weeks, including outside-the-(Breyers)-box varieties like Raspberry Oreo and Ozo Java Chip, made with local roasters' beans. Waffle cones are made in-house daily, and can be filled with flavors like Lucky Charms, which contain pieces of actual leprechaun! those colorful marshmallows. Two-scoop sundaes are laced with house-made fudge and any topping desired, all finished off by their own whipped cream, and not store-bought stuff like Cool Whip, aka the most popular pickup line at a dominatrix convention.Don't skip the root beer floats -- they source their sarsaparilla from Wynkoop Brewing, and top it with their luscious vanilla ice cream. And finally: whipped cream-heavy, local Hammond's Candies caramel milkshakes, regular shakes just being what you'll have on your way out of this place.

counter at Sweet Cow
a multitude of ice cream flavors at Sweet Cow
Lucky Charms ice cream at Sweet Cow
a sundae at Sweet Cow
root beer float at Sweet Cow
shakes at Sweet Cow