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Western Daughters Is a Chip Off the Old Butcher’s Block

If you’re looking for locally-sourced, superbly-carved meats of all kinds, Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe in Denver is exactly where you need to be. CEO and butcher/artist Kate Kavanaugh’s whole-animal shop pulls its stock from farms and ranches within 150 miles of its location, specifically serving its local community. You can say that it’s pretty much in her blood, considering her grandmother was one of the original, covered-wagon pioneers that made their way to the prairies many moons ago in search of fertile land. Can’t get more OG than that.

When we say Kavanaugh is a butcher/artist, we mean it. “Butchery is really an art and a science,” she says. “You get the side that is grace and finesse and this kind of moving meditation that is the actual butchering part, but then you have the science of why muscles taste or have the texture that they do.”

Surprisingly enough, Kavanaugh was a vegetarian for many years before rediscovering the beauty that is a well-prepared antelope burger, and has been dedicated to supporting sustainable meat-raising systems and providing perfectly-marbled steaks and cuts to hungry gormandizers since (which, when looking at some of her recipes, definitely includes her!) That’s something we can totally get behind.