TAG | Raw Bar
Sushi and exotic meats under Larimer Sq


When street philosopher Ol' Dirty Bastard once said, “Ooh baby I like it raw”, he may well have been portending TAG Raw Bar Wu-ing you into their Larimer Sq lair with the delectable sushi & exotic meats on their updated menu.

For example: this delicious, non-gamey, non-pecky ostrich tataki is topped with house ricotta/ togarashi croutons.

Imagine how useful it'd be to have four pairs of arms while eating seafood that once had that luxury. Specifically: this octopus/ cucumber sunomono small plate.

Don't worry, the "Burnt Caterpillar" roll is one in name only -- it's actually just seared with a torch! Oh right, and it's crab meat, not bugs.

The substantial oceanic selection also includes this crispy rice/ radish Guard Kampachi, aka what you'll have to do when people try to eat off your plate.

Tender, soy-braised beef short rib sits under a colorful raw carrot salad.

Say hello to chocolate-dipped foie gras, which's sprinkled with five-spice pistachio crumble and served aside a huckleberry gastrique. So about 30sec after it arrives on the table, say goodbye to chocolate-dipped foie gras.

And of course there are refreshed cocktails like the sake/ Domaine de Canton/ lemongrass syrup/ coconut milk Ninja Juice, for when they take a break from feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding you...

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1. TAG | Raw Bar 1423 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202

At Tag | Raw Bar, there isn't much cooking going on because fresh, organic ingredients are the most essential elements of Chef Troy Guard's vision and manifests itself in this seafood and sushi bar.

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