Sandwiches and breakfast from the guy behind Fuel Cafe

sandwich and side at reFuel

Refueling: it can refer to a process that involves getting more gas, or it can refer to... actually, the same thing could happen by eating too many awesome sandwiches at reFuel, a Taxi building-based offshoot of the enduring Fuel Cafe that offers plenty of to-go options for RiNo work crowds.

Primarily a grab-n-go spot for sandwiches and salads, there's also a counter at which to watch/consume the chef's work. The space is punctuated by hardwood floors colored by strange, multicolored lines that make it look like an NBA coach lost his mind while drawing up a play.

While a few salads dot the tiny menu, 10 scrumptious sandwiches are the real pull, including the famed Anna Selos ported over from Fuel itself, with pastrami, Russian, and Swiss. Legend has it that a deli owner named Reuben named the sammie after himself, even though an actress named Anna Selos asked him to name it after her. It's not a very exciting legend

They were smart enough to also bring their popular roasted pork/ ham/ Swiss/ jalapeno mustard Castro to reFuel, as well

As for new things to shove inside your face, their banh mi combines pate, roasted pork, Sriracha aioli, and jalapenos. It's called the Lieutenant Dan, so prepare to find God somewhere in this sandwich

It's shocking that their Chris Mullin sandwich isn't on white bread (though it is able to shoot a lusty 86.6% from the free throw line), but it's just as delicious on potato rosemary bread, piled with turkey breast, mostarda, arugula, and Brie

An added bonus is that they share a space with the only other Boxcar Coffee Roasters location outside of Boulder, which utilizes special techniques developed for high-altitude when pouring their much-loved java. Remember to use utilize high-altitude techniques when guzzling it, like remembering to breathe.

counter and chairs at refuel
reueben sandwich at refuel
Castro sandwich at refuel
banh mi sandwich at refuel
Chris Mullin sandwich at refuel
Boxcar Coffee in Taxi building