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10 of Denver's most iconic dishes

Published On 08/27/2014 Published On 08/27/2014
Rebecca Feder
Second Home Kitchen + Bar
Biker Jim's
Rebecca Feder
Rebecca Feder
Beau Jo's
Tocabe, An American Indian Eatery
Rebecca Feder
Casa Bonita
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1. Chubby's 1231 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Northwest)

Chubby's is like your college fraternity best friend that you try to distance yourself from (because they're not the bestttt thing for you), but you are too weak to resist what they're throwing down. Head in for some delicious (and probably addicting) Mexican, and top it with some of their green chili.

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2. Second Home Kitchen + Bar 150 Clayton Ln, Denver, CO 80206 (Cherry Creek)

Second Home is a nouveau-comfy Cherry Creek spot serving up "American home cooking with spins on timeless favorites." Think along the lines of tender belly sausage and a Mediterranean frittata, and you know what? You deserve it.

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3. Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs 2148 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Cbd)

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, settled in Denver's Central Business District, started as founder Jim Pettinger's mobile stainless steel slinging machine of one-of-a-kind hotdogs. Now a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can sit down comfortably and enjoy coca-cola sautƩed onions and cream cheese atop an elk frank.

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4. Pho 555 1098 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219 (Southwest)

This Federal Blvd Vietnamese restaurant, which is open late on weekends, offers up an extensive Pho menu, including the extremely popular filet mignon pho.

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5. Tocabe 3536 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Northwest)

Using family recipes in a fast-casual setting, Tocabe is a Denver staple, beloved by locals for its modern approach to traditional Native American fare. The portions are gracious, the price point affordable; the counter service menu boasts favorites like shredded bison tacos on warm, thick fry-bread, dressed with your choice of cheese, beans, vegetables, and piquant house-made salsa. Combined with the white exposed brick walls, airy windows, and modern ceiling fixtures, this contemporary eatery is perfect for relaxed, hearty meal.

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6. The Buckhorn Exchange 1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204 (Lincoln Park)

Open since 1893, the Buckhorn Exchange Since has been serving the Lincoln Park community prime-grade steak and other slabs of top-notch meat. Walking inside feels like visiting an Old West museum that happens to make food. Taxidermy lines the walls and Teddy Roosevelt's hangs prominently framed. He's eaten here, as have a few other Presidents. You should eat here too -- try something you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, whether it's Rocky Mountain Oysters, rattlesnake, or buffalo, a Colorado favorite.

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7. Las Tortugas 1549 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223 (Southwest)

This laid-back Mexican/Spanish restaurant in Southwest Denver features a large menu of delicious and authentic tortas.

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8. Casa Bonita 6715 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214

The premier spot for picking up some prime sopapillas while watching strangers dive off of cliffs (in Denver, at least), Casa Bonita offers endless excitement at reasonable prices.



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