The Frasca team needs ONLY 120 SECONDS to make your next pizza

hot pizza from Pizzeria Locale Denver

It may take Jared Leto only 30secs to get to Mars, but it's way more impressive that Pizzeria Locale's Denver location (a fast-casual offspring of its successful Boulder spot) only needs 120secs to bake their Neapolitan pizza using a customized gas oven heated to a balmy 1000 degrees.

tables and chairs at Pizzeria Locale Denver

The modern simplistic feel is made complete with Boos cutting boards repurposed as table tops.

dough at Pizzeria Locale Denver

Ingredients for the dough are stored in a proofing room that keeps it 70F and 70% humidity all the time in order to replicate "a perfect Spring day in Naples" -- weirdly, no pizza in Naples actually gets made then, as the pizzaiolos are likely out enjoying their 40 vacation days per year.

putting red sauce on a pizza at Pizzeria Locale Denver

Build your own pizza, or select from their new line of American Classics. The 10" pies use the same ingredients as the Boulder spot, but at a lower price point, though not having to hear insufferable Boulderites talk about themselves is a priceless experience in and of itself.

margherita pizza at Pizzeria Locale Denver

The classic Margherita gets sliced, something you'll never see done to the pies at Locale Boulder.

Mais pizza at Pizzeria Locale Denver

Another classic exported from Boulder is the mozz, crème fraîche, and ham Mais. Pair it with one of two imported Italian wines on tap.

Supreme pizza at Pizzeria Locale Boulder

Carnivores may enjoy the pepperoni, sausage, mushroom pie called Supreme, so expect cool skater kids from coast to coast to wear this pizza as a hat.

homemade chili oil at Pizzeria Locale Denver

Seek out the homemade chili oil by the soda fountain and drizzle it on their pies.

budino at Pizzeria Locale Denver

Finish off the meal with a chocolate topped butterscotch budino -- it's only a few spoonfuls, giving you something you can finish in under 120secs.