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Where to Slurp Denver's Best Ramen

The ultimate cold-weather meal.

Is there anything better than ramen to soothe your soul on a cold winter day while you work from home? Short answer: no. This Japanese dish traditionally combines slowly simmered broths with bouncy noodles and an array of possible toppings and add ons, from pickled veggies and soy-marinated eggs to pierogis (more on that in a bit). And we here in the Mile High have it all—from the creative to the traditional. All of Denver’s best ramen spots have stepped up their takeout and delivery game so you can enjoy this comforting dish in a safe, socially distant way without missing out on any of the flavor you came for.

Uncle Ramen
Uncle | Photo courtesy of Sarah Rodriguez


Highlands & Washington Park
Restaurateur Tommy Lee’s Uncle was one of the first ramen spots in Denver to evoke total fandom, with guests happily waiting as long as it took to get inside for a piping hot bowl of the good stuff. Then he opened a larger second location in Wash Park which means you’ve got twice the access to favorites like their best seller, the spicy chicken. The Wash Park location’s menu also includes a lineup of mazemen-style brothless ramen, but when the cold hits, Uncle’s rich broths with the addition of a $2 “spicy bomb” of miso pepper paste is the move.
How to order: Via their website for pickup from the Highlands and Wash Park locations, or find the location nearest you on Postmates for delivery

Ramen Star

With their Japanese noodle machine in full sight, there’s no doubt that the noodles at this spot are super fresh. They’re available in the restaurant’s small but mighty selection of five ramen variations including their signature bowl, the Ramen Star, with pork belly and a silky, umami laden broth. For those that prefer to go meatless, the vegetarian ramen complete with potato pierogi is a non-traditional treat.
How to order: Online via their Square site for pickup & delivery, or call 303-455-3787

Katsu Ramen

The sibling of Sushi Katsu is doing a bang-up job of not only the most-common ramen styles but also hiyashi chuka, a chilled version featuring slices of omelet (tamagoyaki) and barbecued pork (chashu) in a creamy sesame-ponzu sauce you’ll wish you could drink from a glass with a little sake mixed in. Which—good news—you can.
How to order: Order online or call 303-751-2222 for pickup and delivery

Osaka Ramen

This urban-underground noodle bar from restaurateur Jeff Osaka has the to-go ramen game down. Along with a lineup of delectable izakaya-inspired small plates (see: kara-age), you can choose to order your ramen hot and ready to eat or in an at-home ramen kit. You’ve got your lighter, chicken-based shio (salt) and shoyu (soy-flavored) broths; your medium-textured miso broth made with chicken and pork; and your intense, whole-hog tonkotsu broth—each distinguished by its own mix of toppings, from braised pork shoulder to black-garlic oil.
How to order: Order online through ChowNow or call (303)-955-7938 for pickup & delivery


This spot ably ladles up all the classics along with a locally inspired bowl that belongs on everyone’s list of top guilty pleasures forevermore: the cremoso diablo, a miso broth made creamy by an unexpected addition of a blend of cheddar and jack cheeses. It sounds ridiculous, and it tastes... ridiculously good. If you’re feeling a little less adventurous, their tonkotsu with milky-hued all-pork broth is another go-to.
How to order: Pickup is available online via Toast; delivery is available via Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats

Sera's Ramen Enclave

In May of 2016, this family-owned restaurant with a slightly hidden alley entrance began serving up food that reflected owner Sera Nguyen's own experiences with dining, from growing up eating at her mother's restaurant in Vietnam to the flavors she loves to share in her kitchen at home. The result is authentic flavors served with a dash of homestyle hospitality so whether you order the spicy miso chicken, curry ramen, or umami-packed oxtail ramen, you're in for an experience that will surely leave you craving more.
How to order: Use their walk-up windsor or call 303-455-2858 for pickup and delivery

Miyako Ra-men Spot

This little strip-mall shop is easy to miss despite the fact that it’s located right off Broadway. It has a small but traditional ramen selection augmented by typical snacks like gyoza and fried oysters. Yes, you'll have to pay extra for certain toppings à la carte—including the seasoned egg called ni-tamago—but if you've eaten enough ramen, you know that such fees aren’t really so unusual. Now pay up and slurp away.
How to order: Call 303-658-0940 for takeout

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Molly Martin is a freelance writer in Denver, Colorado who likes her ramen extra spicy. Follow her Mile High dining adventures on Twitter and Instagram.
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