Farm-fresh meats and a signature booze on E 17th Ave

beast + bottle is inaccurately named, because there are actually multiple pluses to eating there: it's from the team behind Encore on Colfax, and it's got in-house butchery, its very own beer, and brunch served Tues-Sat

Comfy booths in the back'll provide a cozy, romantic setting for those on a date, whereas the tables near the entrance are perfect for gettin' absolutely buckwild!! those on dates as well

Berthoud's own City Star Brewing's created this Barnhouse Ale saison specifically for b+b

Most all the wine is available by the glass, or as 3/4 bottles in true "European" style, meaning they also enjoy 18 weeks of paid vacation per year

A focused cocktail menu includes the Agave New Attitude with 30/30 Blanco, vermouth, and orange bitters.

Behold the High West white rye/ Dolin dry/ eau de vie Pretty Dry for a White Rye -- drink a few during the day, and expect the bartenders to start asking, "Why Don't You Get A Job?

The 867-5309 Ginny contains gin, as one might assume

Those are actually king trumpet mushrooms disguising themselves as scallops, which is a natural defense evolved over millions of years growing on composed small plates

Another can't-miss starter: the ricotta gnudi. Gnudi is pronounced "nudie", so it's also a can't-not-giggle starter

A pan-roasted lamb leg shares the plate with carrot puree, English peas, and lentils du Puy

And finally, pork belly confit and country rib are served aside escarole kimchi, yams, and lard boiled peanuts, so prepare to become + sized.