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Vote for Biker Jim's "That's What She Said!" hot dog, an all-time America-est dog that'll blow you…r mind

Ultimate America Hot Dog by Biker Jim

We had three sets of criteria in our Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog: 1) if you put it up to your ear, you'd be able to hear the faint strains of "The Star Spangled Banner", 2) Lincoln would crave it after killing vampires, and 3) you could serve it wrapped in the Bill of Rights, and no historians would even be mad

Submitting his for your voting consideration: Biker Jim of Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, who's developed the rich, gluttonous "That's What She Said!" hot dog. Check out how it came together below, then vote the hell out of it.

Ultimate America Hot Dog on grill

First, a half-pound, 10in BBQ bacon brat gets thrown on the grill. Fun fact: most dogs are split before they're grilled, but this is kept intact solely to keep the phallic shape.

duck fat spread on hot dog bun

A dog this American doesn't get brushed with something as pedestrian as butter. This bad boy's bun is lathered up nicely with duck fat.

PBR going into bowl to make batter for sauerkraut

Naturally, beer plays a critical role in the making of this guy: an entire can of PBR goes into the batter for the sauerkraut.

sauerkraut being deep fried

Next: he deep-fries some sauerkraut. Sorry we're not sorry, Germany.

Jameson whiskey apple butter spread onto bun

Yet again co-opting another country's deliciousness for our own uses, they whip up a batch of Jameson apple butter and then slathered it onto the bun, the sweetness of which will "pair with the smoky and spicy picante flavors of the brat".

duck confit going on hot dog

Right after the dog gets gently placed on the bun, huge chunks of "rich, salty, herby" duck confit gets nestled right in there.

deep fried sauerkraut going on bun

Remember that deep fried sauerkraut from earlier? It's baaaaaack, and ready to add a nice crunch to the dog, as well as a "richly sour" kick.

lavender herbed goat cheese onto hot dog

Lavender-herbed goat cheese? Why not.

shaved scallion on hot dog

Adding a pop of color to the proceedings is the shaved scallion. Don't worry, consuming it will not count as eating your greens for the day. The Ultimate American Hot Dog cares not for nutritional value.

Ultimate America Hot Dog by Biker Jim

This hot dog is a marvel. But with a name like "That's What She Said!" someone's gotta make some sort of dick joke...

Ultimate America Hot Dog by Biker Jim

... aaaaaand there it is. The co-creator of the dog, Lucy, poses here with the tubed meat in a slightly precarious position. What a tasty looking wiener! That's what she said.