The year in face-stuffing

We asked some of Detroits weightiest food & drink pros to weigh in on the year in face-stuffing. Bon read-etit! Best New Spots of 2012?

Nicole Rupersburg, HBIC, Eat It Detroit"SO MANY. But Green Dot Stables and the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co in Midtown have my heart. Green Dot is just so perfectly Detroit and the owners and chef are some of the BEST people, and Great Lakes is wonderfully weird and totally unapologetic about it. (Also, Jolly Pumpkin on draft, always.) One-Eyed Betty's in Ferndale was a total game-changer for the cause of craft beer. And Brooklyn Street Local is just the f-ing bomb of breakfast and brunch.

Kevin Hickner, Bar Manager, Ronin"Imperial, KouZina, Red Hook.

Best Meal of 2012?

Andy Hollyday, Executive Chef, Roast"Urban Chef Victory Party at Supino.

Kevin Hickner, Bar Manager, Ronin"Not sure it exactly was a meal, but I was invited to the filming of the 'Sausage Fest' episode of Solid Dudes Kitchen...sausages, mustards, beers, dudes...perfection.

Nicole Rupersburg, HBIC, Eat It Detroit"Gastronomy. Chef Adam Hightower is just on another level. The only truly world-class meal to be had in metro Detroit. While Detroit's finest on their best days can compete with Chicago's scene, f@#k Chicago. The food at Gastronomy is on the level of the coasts.

Biggest Surprises of 2012?

Les Molnar, Executive Chef, Green Dot Stables"Dave Mancini's upset victory in the 1st Annual Green Dot Stables vs. Supino softball game early this fall. Total controversy.

Dave Mancini, Chef/Owner, Supino Pizzeria"My biggest surprise is twofold -- that Green Dot thought they had a chance in our 24-7(how can that be controversial?) softball drubbing of them and that they're asking for more -- now they want to take us on in trivia.

Must Eat/Drink in 2013?

Andy Hollyday, Executive Chef, Roast"Supino part deux, Craft Work in West Village, La Feria.

Les Molnar, Executive Chef, Green Dot Stables"I’m really excited for some new additions to the Corktown restaurant scene. The more options there are, the more people will see how great Detroit is and always has been. If you have never been to Cafe D’mongo's, make it a point in 2013 to find yourself a 'Detroit Brown' and a cozy seat there.

Nicole Rupersburg, HBIC, Eat It Detroit"Craft Work in West Village is going to blow minds. Jolly Pumpkin in Royal Oak and the Fenton Fire Hall (from the owners of Vinsetta Garage and Union Woodshop) are going to be huge, too

2013 Predictions?

Dave Mancini, Chef/Owner, Supino Pizzeria"A solid drubbing of Green Dot in quiz bowl with Les failing to answer any question correctly that isn't directly related to beer. Also, reclaiming the crown in the 'Next Urban Chef'."

Nicole Rupersburg, HBIC, Eat It Detroit"Watch out for Grosse Pointe and the Villages. Midtown and Corktown are so 2012. 2013 will be all about the east side. One more prediction: pop-ups will eat themselves. We went from never having heard of the concept to full-blown saturation. I think in 2013 we'll hit pop-up fatigue. Ditto food trucks (or maybe that's just wishful thinking).

Andy Hollyday, Executive Chef, Roast"Detroit's food scene will finally turn the corner."