To celebrate turning the age at which Drew Barrymore started smoking clove cigarettes (five), Mudgie's is now popping local brews (and wines) on a rotating basis, which we've lovingly paired with Mudge menu mainstays. The Beer: Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza BlancaThe Sandwich: Sorry CharlieWhy It Tastes So Good: An easy-drinking, Belgian-style white, the beer whispers sour citrusy somethings to your taste buds that complement the Charlie's salty Albacore tuna. The Beer: Founders Dirty BastardThe Sandwich: Beefy BleuWhy It Tastes So Good: Tasting like a malt ball thrown in a campfire, the Dirty Bastard is somehow surprisingly clean when pitted up against the Beefy's smoked brisket & crumbled bleu cheese. The Beer: Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPAThe Sandwich: The JerkWhy It Tastes So Good: The crisp, grapefruit flavors of this dry IPA handle the lingering spices from the housemade jerk mayo, pepperjack, and red onion-topped chicken breast better than Navin R. Johnson after a break up. Add cherrywood smoked bacon and that's all you need and these matches. The ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control and... The Beer: Dark Horse Raspberry AleThe Sandwich: Sho' Nuff Why It Tastes So Good: Part dessert sandwich (strawberry cream cheese, Slow Jams' preserves), part anytime sandwich (house-roasted turkey breast & bacon), pair it with the tart juiciness of the Raspberry Ale for a combination sweeter than adolescent Drew Barrymore, once she stopped using snuff.