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Corktown’s Ottava Via has the meatballs to do rustic Italian

Published On 08/06/2013 Published On 08/06/2013
Ottava Via Brick oven pizza
Ryan Patrick Hooper

Set in the historic Dime Savings Bank building on Eighth, Corktown’s Ottava Via is a rustic Italian standard-bearer helmed by the same chef who opened Seva, and is co-owned by one of the dudes behind Mercury Burger & Bar, with boot country staples like wine, bocce ball (!), and, you know, PIZZA.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

All made in a super-sexy brick oven, the pies're 10-13 buckaroonis apiece and include this Salsiccia with house-made Italian sausage, peperonata, smoked Provolone, and fresh cry-your-eyeballs-out onions, and are doused in what balsamic asks for at the spa (a sweet vinegar wash).

Ryan Patrick Hooper

This is the thankfully-non-Seattle Marinar, a disc loaded with San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh garlic, fresh oregano, and white anchovies.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

Ottava Via is rustic, but not that rustic. Case in point: their signature pancetta is cooked sous-vide style at 135 degrees for THIRTY-SIX HOURS.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

Prefer less bread with your meat and cheese? Go for the Pecorino cheese plate; it comes loaded with melted Pecorino cheese, fresh pear slices, and... crap... a bunch of Italian bread.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

Oh and, duh, there's a full-service bar, making this kinda the perfect place for both pregaming sporting events downtown and pregaming romantic dates downtown.

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1. Ottava Via 1400 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 (Corktown)

A traditional Italian joint in Corktown that also boasts a backyard with bocce ball, Ottava Via makes tasty Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in a brick oven, with traditional flavors like the Margherita or catch-all Italian. We won't stop you from trying a classic, but we suggest the Funghi, which comes with portobello, crimini, shitake, and cipollini mushrooms, and Tartufo cheese.



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