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Eat and drink on the ice at Joe Louis Arena

BrewHaHa flyer

Finally giving you the opportunity to fulfill every Detroit sports fan's dream of being out on the ice at Joe Louis Arena, bashing Claude Lemieux's head in (minus the bashing Claude Lemieux's head in part): Detroit's Hockeytown BrewHaHa, the first-ever, four-hour food truck and craft beer fest coming to the Joe on Saturday, April 20th

The place'll look exactly like this, minus the hockey game, plus seven food trucks and 20 beer vendors, all parked on the covered ice

A ticket gets you six tokens you can exchange for beers from a range of breweries including those pictured above (New Holland, North Peak, and Anchor), plus not-pictured-aboves like Arcadia, Jolly Pumpkin, and Goose Island, which you'd have to be some sorta Maverick (!) to try

Also included in the ticket is a "Street Eats Passport" that gets you samples from ALL of the trucks/vendors, including Corridor Sausage, Mac Shack, Cheli's Chili, Green Zebra, Treat Dreams, and El Guapo, which'll be serving these Korean beef- and pork belly-filled Aloha, Mr. Hand tacos

Plus, the newest addition to the Ned's TravelBurger fleet -- a 1961 Canned Ham trailer -- will be making its debut as soon as it looks... less like this

And in addition to live music, there'll be a chance to tour all over JLA, an opportunity that'll probably garner an Avalanche of interest.

Joe Louis Arena ice
El Guapo tacos
Ned's Travelburger truck
Joe Louis Arena Exterior