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Bone-in tomahawks, 2lb lobsters, and mouth-melting Kobe filets

They say the house always wins, so your only move at the MGM Grand is to eat enough meat at Wolfgang Puck STEAK to become the house.The first ever iteration of what could eventually spring up all over the place, Detroit's joint's got northern countryside charm (an entire Wisconsin barn's worth of wood) alongside city grit (brick hues, actual bricks).The space has been laid out to accommodate everything from large groups (chef's table, an awesome wine cellar table) to smaller affairs, with these intimate dining nooks.This place has got more Detroit bricks than Jonas Jerebko!! We'll be here all night; try the steak. It's like three photos down.Those white tiles are city road grids.This crab and lobster Louie salad with avocado and herb dressing will leave you CKing out more. We'll be here all night -- try the lobster! ... in this salad!Other pescetarian perks include 2lb Maine lobsters, and this tuna tartare with crispy wonton chips & Sriracha mayo.Much like its namesake, this 34oz, bone-in tomahawk rib chop is designed to split.The bar's cocktail list is highlighted by a deadly mix of Yamazaki 12 Year, Cointreau, honey syrup, and lemon juice called The Samurai Sword. Ironically, it'll make your inevitable losses feel less cutting.