Goat cheese crab corn pies, served in a Midtown bar

Sausage tomato fennel pie main

The greatest thing to happen to American pie since the four straight-to-DVD spinoffs (right??), Dangerously Delicious is a full-fledged pie empire with locations in Baltimore, DC, and now Detroit

DDP first popped up at Comet Bar, before shooting over to Midtown to take over the vacant kitchen at 3rd Street Bar

The chalkboard menu lays out a variety of options, two of which you'll actually care about

The former includes this Crab Con-quiche-da-door (get it???): a spinach/onion/mushroom/garlic/Swiss/goat cheese quiche pie mixed with chunks of Maryland crab & corn, and finished with hot sauce

Plus a pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce, the S.M.O.G. (steak, mushroom, onion, Gruyere), and this shuffleboard game-ruining sausage/tomato/fennel

The latter counts dessert pies like key lime, apple, lemon chess (a lot of lemon & a little cornmeal), and The Baltimore Bomb, which's either how locals describe the prices at Bubbles Depot, or a melted chocolate, shortbread, and custard pie topped with a scoop of vanilla

To keep up with the bar hours, they're open seven days a week from 5p-130/2a & plan on working with 3rd Street on potential summer plans (outdoor patio concerts, food truck nights...), plus they'll also do call-ahead orders in case you're not Tara Reid, and actually have somewhere to be!

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Dangerously Delicious menu
Crab con-quiche-da-door
Sausage tomato fennel pie
Baltimore Bomb Pie
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