Burgers and Belgian beers worth worshipping

Interior at Monk

Monk: it's both what you become when your Sandpiper Air-servicing taxi company goes under, and what you open when you are Royal Oak Belgian-beerery Bastone, which's replaced the old Cafe Habana space with a brew hall that's more beer abbey than Downton. But enough with the TV references, let's get to the show

While they've softened up the open kitchen with white subway tiling, wood & green leather banquettes dominate the space. Oh, and that piece of wood blocking the doorway? That'll turn into the patio entrance, where they're prepping an extra 36 seats

The menu's been broken down into four parts, the first of which features this snack board with rotating cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, and an apple... with a steak knife driven through it

There are five different types of mussels (so strong!) to choose from, like one w/ lobster, tomato, and spiced tomato broth, or the above w/ house-cured pancetta, Pernod, and a garlic butter sauce

This hand-pattied Belgian Blue beefer with foie gras, herb-flecked goat cheese, pancetta & marinated tomato has been described as "life-endingchanging!

Don't even act like you're not gonna get the duck fat fries..

... especially when they come with this six-condiment tray featuring curry ketchup, Mammoet (a garlicky, soy-sauced mayo), Andalouse (tomato/bell pepper mayo), Americaine (fish-stock mayo), roasted red pepper mayo, and Bernaise

This is a Gaufres: one of a handful of savory WAFFLE SANDWICHES filled with anything from lobster, arugula, hazelnut vinaigrette, and dill Havarti, to a cherry BBQ-sauced pork belly topped with apple slaw (on an apple waffle)

And, duh, they're stocked with 38 Belgian & Belgian-style bottles (Chimay, Orval, the totally pronounceable Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle...), along with all of the award-winning Bastone drafts next door, including Witface and Dubbel Vision, or what might explain why your taxi company failed.

Snack plate at Monk
Pernod and pancetta mussels at Monk
Burger with foie gras and bacon at Monk
Duck fat fries at Monk
Dipping sauces at Monk
Pork belly waffle sandwich at Monk
Beer at Monk