Charley the Singing Hot Dog Man helps us tackle the Corridor Sausage guys' new truck

Charley fig sausage bite

Besides being what 7th grade you thought was a totally awesome nickname for your mom's basement, The Grindhouse is apparently also a food truck, thoughtfully brought to you by the Corridor Sausage guys, and thoughtfully taste-tested by us with help from Charley, or, as you might know him, Charley the Singing Hot Dog Man

This is the truck. Thanks to the work of Red Beard Customs (also behind Mac Shack and El Guapo), this retrofitted Ohio newspaper-deliverer turned food truck was lowered to make the service counter accessible to children/vertically-challenged Thrillist editors

As you can see, Charley was super intrigued with the Scotch eggs, herbed sausage corndogs, chorizo gravy poutine, and Hungarian fried pizzas, but he's sticking to the dogs. As any self-respecting, opera-singing, Comerica Park hotdog-slinger would. First up: the Fig, a Moroccan-style lamb & fig sausage with a beet and citrus slaw, topped off with chevre cheese

Little known Charley facts: a) his day job's at the nearby Claymore Shop, where he's been suiting others (as well as himself) for the last 15yrs, and b) he really likes Moroccan-style lamb & fig sausage with a beet and citrus slaw, topped off with chevre cheese

Next at bat is the Vietnamese, a (you're not gonna believe this...) Vietnamese-style chicken sausage with cucumbers, pickled carrots & daikon, sprinkled with fried shallots & a squirt of Sriracha aioli

Judging by the hook of the elbow, firm grip, elongated neck, and strong bite, this guy's a pro

The lineup's heavy hitter is the guac-, cheddar-, and Cholula aioli-laden beef & pork Chipotle sausage

Charley takes on the behemoth face-first, sacrificing his nose in the process but never the suit. Never the suit

After a belly-busting battle, Charley declares the Fig his favorite, because much like with him, with this one, "everything was in harmony.

The Grindhouse will be popping up all over the metro area, including weekly Saturday stops at Eastern Market, so there're plenty of opportunities to try the whole menu... maybe just not all in one sitting, especially if you plan on impressing any chicks in mom's basement.

The Grindhouse food truck
Charley posing
Fig sausage from The Grindhouse
Charley's thoughtful fig sausage bite
Vietnamese sausage from The Grindhouse
Charley biting into the Vietnamese
Chipotle sausage from The Grindhouse
Charley biting into the Chipotle
Charley pointing out his favorite
Half-eaten Corridor Sausages