Flooding the streets with poutine

Lots of things get their start in Canada before getting huge in the US, like Jim Carrey's career, or John Candy's...John Candy. Hoping to similarly blow up: Eat Wonky.

Dreamed up by two SoCal-born best friends after a vacation to Montreal, Wonky's a blue n' orange, tie-dye brush-stroked cruiser dishing out fattening Quebecois street-favorite "poutine"; the truck's outfitted with a "Wonky4U" license plate, "Honk if You're Wonky" decals, and a two-toothed mouth logo -- confusing, as they're not dishing out British streetfood. The main event (...poutine) consists of fresh cut potato fries smothered in traditional, "secret" herb-filled brown gravy and "squeaky cheese" (a "young" cheddar with a mozzarella-like consistency) overnighted daily from a NY dairy farm; they can also slap the whole thing on a 100% beef "Wonky Dog", a far more pleasant Americanization than that time Rush experimented with rap ("Roll the Bones" -- look it up, or don't). When the gravy train's run its course through your arteries, they've got even more fatness like a grilled squeaky cheese hoagie, and double cookie/cream filling "whoopie" pies like roasted hazelnut/Nutella, chocolate chip/peanut butter, and dark chocolate/peppermint, all from the confectioners at local Treet Bakery, who were clearly getting Easy Bake'd during spelling class.

Bringing a little Rue Saint-Cathrine to The District, the Wonky crew's also planning to post up late night outside bars with their own velvet rope and bouncer, maintaining order even when dealing with customers who're completely Uncle Buck'd up.