The Eddie's Pizza Truck

It can take decades to bring your masterpiece to the masses -- the Colonel waited 20+ years to franchise the original roadside KFC, and G&R still hasn't release Chinese Democracy. Wait, that was the final cut? Seriously? Finally bringing their Long Island pizza to Manhattan, Eddie's Pizza Truck.The offshoot of a same-named Nassau 'za joint that's been slinging slices to a cult following since the 30's, EP's peddling pie perfection up and down the streets of New York from a custom-pimped whip, outfitted with surround sound, a flatscreen, wireless internet for VIP customers, four Cecilware ovens, and a projector that shines the logo on to the sidewalk at night when the commissioner desperately needs Fatman. Dedicated to fresh ingredients and following the 80-year-old original recipe, cooked-to-order, regular-or-whole-wheat thin-crusts are avail with any combo of 15 toppings (fresh garlic, 'roni, meatballs, 'shrooms, sausage...); eschewing slices, they're pushing both signature 10" "bar pies" ("the perfect size to eat and still have room for a beer"), plus larger 16" jobs, perfect for those weirdos who want more pizza when they're drinking. Non-pie action includes an antipasto of black olives, cukes, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, provolone, and salami; sides of zucchini sticks and sweet potato gnocchi; and beverages including water, soda, and "other", so...watered-down soda?Daily 'za specials featuring off the menu toppings -- sour cream, bacon, pesto sauce, etc -- will be posted on the internet, and once a week'll be determined by one lucky customer's suggestion, a dangerously democratic approach that could whet everyone elses' appetite for destruction.