Recreating something beloved is always a risky proposition, especially since there are only a few people that have Gus Van Sant's Psycho-level talent. Hoping for an even loftier recreation, Five0Four.

Softly opening on Thursday, Five0Four's an almost-entirely outdoor courtyard barstaurant dedicated to recreating the vibe and food of the Big Easy, w/ a Cajun-classic laden menu and an interior designed by the ultra-busy Te'Kila guy, who's trotted out corrugated steel siding, wrought-iron railings, spritzing sprinklers, ivy vines and oversized ferns, but not red ferns, cuz no one killed its hunting dogs. Food's all all succulently southern, including catfish po'boys w/ remoulade & pickle; chicken and sausage gumbo slow cooked in spicy roux; and the bacon-wrapped, slow-cooked beef/ pork "Bayou Meatloaf", though its real name is Robert Paulsoneaux. Drinkwise, they've got a full bar w/ Hand Grenade-esque mixing machines, as well as a beer list w/ four brews from Lousiana's Abita and southern specialty drinks like a vodka/ rum/ passion fruit "Hurricane", as well as a full menu of eight varieties of Red Bull "Bomb Droppers", including the SoCo-abetted "Hillbilly," the whiskie'd-up "Bull Rider," and the Mandarin-infused "Orange Aid," also the easiest form of support the people of Florida can offer up in crisis.

Five0Four's planning near-nightly happy hour specials, and will also be serving up beignets recreated from Cafe Du Monde -- a recipe so beloved it could never be improved, unless Gus Van Sant got super into cooking.