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Diamond Lil

Published On 09/10/2010 Published On 09/10/2010

Long bus rides generally suck: there's no legroom, you always hit interstate traffic, and unless it's the B*ngbus, there's never anything to eat. Fixing that last part: Diamond Lil.

Inspired by the Napa Wine Train and run by a jack-of-all-trades restaurateur and a non-muppet Swedish chef, Lil's a just-finished roving bus-taurant: an actual kitchen n' dining area built in to an E-Bay-purchased, cooking oil-fueled 1957 Greyhound, all done-up to serve "contempo-retro vehicular viddles" to riders, but not to Ruff Ryders, cause Ruff Ryders never get served. Laughing in the face of conventional, seat-less foodtrucks, they've got a comfortable, 16-person munching area filled with denim-upholstered seating, rubber flooring, recycled paper counter-tops compacted to look/feel like stone, and a somehow-still-working 1970's AC to keep things cool, though a 1990's AC Slater would keep things even cooler. The food'll change day-to-day, but likely dishes'll include a pinot sauce'd Gleason Ranch Pork Tenderloin (marinated in anchovy/dijon/rosemary), Tempura Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with goat cheese, and a chunky Bouillabaisse (with lobster/shrimp/salmon/halibut), all of which're pair-able with wine and designed by the aforementioned Swede, who's cooked for the Swedish Royal Family, Bill Gates, and Sean Connery (there are others, but Sean insists "I am the last one").

Ever looking up the road, they've also got a brick n' mortar in the works, and plans for a TV show, though you'd probably totally lose interest in watching it after three, four minutes max.



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