Korean BBQ meets Tacos

Clawing your way out of hard times can be a daunting task, especially if you're James Coburn, 'cause nobody backs out on the Bronson! Rising from the ashes of employment adversity, the Korilla BBQ Truck.Started by a Columbia grad who initially reverted to profitable "extracurricular activities" after seeing his future job evaporate when Lehman crashed, Korilla (Korean + Grill + A) is bidding to become "the new face of Korean BBQ and Korean cuisine" thanks to tacos, burritos, and snacks pushed from a tiger-striped truck, so you know theyyyyy're great. The menu showcases proteinacious K-style staples including bulgogi (thinly sliced black angus ribeye soaked in an Asian marinade), "kick in the mouth" spicy chicken thighs, and pulled pork with red chili powder/soy sauce/garlic, plus rotating specials like bo ssam-inspired Berkshire pork belly, and a braised short rib dish known as kalbi jim, a be-fatting dish that lacks the PR spin control of Slim Jim. The goods get stuffed into flour burritos/tacos from Queens-based La Mixteca, sesame-seeded sliders called Chompers, and Choseon bowls (which also come with "wild mountain veggies" and your choice from six homemade kimchis); bowls/burritos come with either sticky or bacon-kimchi fried rice, and everything's toppable with sauces from chili-and-soy-bean-paste-based ssam aioli, to an eponymous elixir of fermented hot chili peppers (like there's any other kind...those dudes lived hard).They're also working on protein-packed Kimchidillas, housemade Korean sausage, and Korilla Perilla "pizzas" as part of a late night menu, though if you consistently down grub like this in the middle of the night, even Coburn would recognize the Death Wish.