Sushi Roku Hollywood 2.0

Getting a makeover is a hassle but ultimately worth it, until you're forced to foreclose on the place Ty Pennington built you due to the new, much higher taxes, and move into a truck with a camper shell. Just getting its own extreme makeover, Sushi Roku Hollywood 2.0, now taking reservations

Opening Friday, Sushi Roku Hollywood 2.0 is a complete reinvention of the classic sushi spot featuring a brand new menu and a nearly-completely gutted and reconstructed interior outfitted w/ a new high-top table lounge/bar area, dark walnut floors, and an art installation that looks like a 3D bonzai tree, though not to that fat dude in Mallrats. To go with the new look, they've got a fresh menu featuring highlights like salmon sashimi carpaccio w/ black truffles shaved tableside; Vietnamese-style kanpachi-wrapped mango; and mustard-soy-truffle sauce'd Kobe meatballs, which are served in lettuce cups, rather than the sling his wife threatened to put them in. Of course, they've still got some classics, w/ options including the spicy octopus/spicy tuna "Tako Roll", jalapeno-topped, tempura fried popcorn shrimp, and baked lobster w/ creamy miso sauce -- spill some on your pants, and you'll be able to shout, "Oh, Miso Saucy!".

They've also got a full specialty cocktail menu, as well as a 5-7pm happy hour with beer, martinis, and apps (calamari fritti/spicy tuna roll/etc), all under $6, or as Ty Pennington calls it "all the money you have left after filling your wave pool".