The past has given us much to be thankful for, except for the occasional serious disaster, like Crystal Pepsi getting abolished. And plagues or whatever. Adding to the "thankful" side of the column: Kubar

Kubar's a just-opened, airy Mediterranean bistro featuring a menu stuffed w/ recipes dating back over 100 years and an interior designed by the Red O guy, with flowing curtains, a monstrous, curved wine wall, and a second floor w/ faux-windows and doors, all of which's supposed to evoke a home from the Ottoman Empire, but not the Otto man empire, as no one wants to live in a cartoon school bus. Everything from skewers to pita's made in-house, w/ dinner options including lamb chops w/ zaatar salsa verde, herb roasted tomatoes, and bulgher pilav; grape leaves stuffed w/ rice, tomatoes, peppers, and onions cooked in lemon juice; and tilapia served in a spicy vegetable pepper sauce, also what the band was briefly named when the doc told her to lay off the salt, and that Spinderalla sucked. If you're more lunch-oriented, they've also got wraps w/ beef kebab, kafta, and schwarma, as well as marinated beef burgers, and even Italian options like lasagna and pizza margherita, which apparently found that lost shaker of salt

In addition, they've got a full-service cocktail bar as well as a monster patio w/ hookah service, which, if not done properly, can cause you to (whooping) cough. Or worse, knock over your Tab Energy.