It's pretty cool when awesome becomes awesomer, from tossing sick colorways on Jordans, to dropping a hot babe in a Lambo, to saving a lot of time and money, and just putting "er" on the end of it. For the perfection of grilled cheese taken to a new level, find the CheeseMe truck.A converted bread truck plastered with a massive pic of grilled cheese, Cheese Me takes the beloved sandwich to serious new heights via a menu where you pick bread, exotic cheese, and super-luxe add-ons, all from a dude who helmed the floor at Prime 112 for years, and despite his cheese obsession, strangely has no John Tesh on his iPod. You'll select:BreadChoose from options like New York rye, pumpernickel, whole wheat, brioche, a huge English muffin, or jumbo-sized Texas toast, proving that everything is indeed bigger in Texas, except Ross Perot.CheeseOf course there's good ol' American, but things quickly get crazy with stuff like Auricchio aged provolone (more pungent, nutty, and sharp than deli stuff), buffalo mozz from Campania, fontina, Green Island blue, cave-aged gruyere, and vintage cheddar, not to be confused with vintage Cheddar Bob, a slightly retarded guy who shot himself in the crotch with a blunderbuss."Insertions"LOL! Insertions! Add eye-popping opulence with Kobe beef patties, braised short ribs, pulled pork, Parma ham, three-onion marmalade, grilled chicken, and applewood-smoked bacon, although why bacon challenged applewood to a game of one-on-one when bacon knew bacon was that fat is anyone guess.Final flavors come via sauces like Wasabi/truffled mayo and kobe chili, plus there're sides like hand-cut fries & beer-battered onion rings, as well as sliders such as sloppy joe, pulled pork, short rib, and onion 'n cheese'd Kobe, who actually made himself less awesome by putting "her" at the end of it.