Food & Drink

An upscale-ish diner in the Mish

To be a pioneer, you only need three things: bold vision, loads of courage, and an inexplicably blue ox with exceptional strength residing in Bemidji, Minnesota. For a pioneer with an entirely explicable food concept in the Mission, set sail for Grub

The 20th resto opening for chef-trepreneur Erik Reese (who just re-birthed Mayes Oyster House on Polk), Grub is a California contemporary-cuisined, upscale-ish diner with long vinyl red booths cozied up to tattoo-arted tables, with Mission-appropriate framed graffiti works on the walls, and San Francisco's one-and-only mac & cheese bar, which'll be slingin' every night 'til 12:30am, right when you realize your pumpkin got towed. Using a blend of white and sharp cheddars topped with Parmesan bread crumbs, Grub's ode to cheese-ified pasta features 12 topping options, including meats (Rock lobster, applewood-smoked bacon, grilled steak), greens (broccoli florets, sweet peas), and general awesomeness like caramelized onions and truffle oil (TIP: rub all over your belly to maximize truffle shuffle potential). The menu's also got under-$5 bites, earth/surf/turf-categorized mains, and a burger bar, with four types of meat (including seared Hawaiian ahi) served on artisan breads, 12 cheese/topping options, and a quartet of sauces, which may seem a little light for a bar, until you've done that fourth shot of wasabi aioli, and realized it's just curated

They'll also let you cozy up to the four-stooled, blue-under-lit bar bar, which is open 'til 2am every night and'll serve 17 wines by the glass and 12 bottled brews -- so if you're looking to pick up Babes, your night may end with a Blue Moon.