A much needed remake to the old H-wood Billiards

They say you need to spend money to make money, which is true: after all, printing presses and reams of linen-blend paper don't pay for themselves! Or do they? For a multi-dimensional joint that dropped a lot of coin to back that claim, hit Spot 5750.

Opening Saturday, S5750's a pool hall/restaurant/lounge/sports bar in the formerly kinda-rundown Hollywood Billiards place, now totally-overhauled and upgraded (cost: $2 million) to shiny newness by the same owner, who wisely opted against 500,000 bags of Honey Dijon Kettle Chips. The pool hall itself's newly glossed, with 16 regulation Brunswick pool tables, 50+ HD TVs, semi-private double-couched lounge areas, and an arcade with Pac-man and table hockey; they've also got a dark-wood full bar doling out four-pitcher-tall beer towers, as well as carafes of margaritas, mai tais, and "monster Mojitos", which are like the normal ones, except served by a disturbingly ugly Charlize Theron. As for grub, they've got a full-service, patio-abetted dining room serving up goodness like beer-baked mac & cheese, filet mignon w/ dijon peppercorn sauce, and spicy coleslaw-sided BBQ spare ribs, also what Marilyn Manson calls those annoying things keeping him from living the Ultimate American Dream.

Upstairs's is the darkened, clubby Elxr lounge, which has as private bottle-service booths (each of which comes with its own flatscreened, video-game "entertainment center") as well as 4 gold-tinged pool tables -- because who doesn't love the Color of Money?