Making the Mission meat-tastic

Beef has had many taglines, from the old ladies in the '80s wondering where it was, to the '90s ads about it being for dinner, to, ummm...ok, so that's pretty much it, but how awesome were those two!? Finally giving it another, Beast and The Hare, opening tomorrow.

From two former Hog Island-ers (one chef, one staffer) dropping some of what they're calling "beef-to-table" action into the Mission, Beast's a totally refurbished, but-somehow-still-rustic-looking tavern that'll seat 49 and sports a dimly lit cobalt-colored interior anchored by a five-stool bar made with reclaimed cypress, likely taken from someone who's clearly over the Hill. A regularly changing two-entree, seven-small plate menu will man-ify the trendy farm-to-table concept, offering meant-to-be-shared meaty treats like a house bacon and coddled egg on cheesy toast small plate, a lamb T-bones & sweetbreads entree, and a bourbon chocolate and peanut butter mousse profiterole, also known as a cream puff in the UK, which is full of them. Ha, America rules! They'll have eight Old World wines by the glass, plus three Cali-brewed beers on tap (Scrimshaw, Green Flash, Anchor Liberty) and a fourth (if all goes as planned) called Goliath, Belgium's only Tripel that's "all-malt", also the only response when asking the dudes camped in Dolores Park about their diets.

And thanks to a stint at Fatted Calf, exec chef Ian Marks'll also be doing his own charcuterie, butchering down whole animals for future menus that he promises will include "a lot of fat", which was yet another proposed tagline for beef back when Wilson Phillips sang their jingle.