Jumping on a trend at its peak's a risky proposition: choose wisely, and you've got "Everything Zen" money; choose poorly, and you've got no money and a closet full of knockoff scrunchies. For a restaurant hoping the molecular gastronomy trend isn't Bush league, check out Vu.

Taking reservations now for its Wed debut in the Marina, Vu's a wood-laden beachfront bistro (with adjoining firepitted patio) serving crazily scienced-up grub, all from a chef who did time in kitchens in Atlanta and North Carolina before finding his way west, but not finding his Westway, as locating AAA's signature magazine is kind of difficult. Sustenance slinging commences with grub like bone marrow w/ bok choy, pickled strawberries and preserved lemon; sous-vide strip-loin lamb w/ coffee-glazed couscous & feta froth; and a reconstructed caprese featuring balsamic-injected cherry tomatoes that're local, so you know they're freshly pricked. Dessert's equally nuts w/ options including pliable chocolate ganache with lime sorbet tequila & micro cilantro, chambord-flambeed berries, and a white chocolate polenta w/ Frosted Flakes, which seems appropriately Tony.

Of course, they've also got a full bar, and will be doing up a slow-cooked egg-heavy breakfast menu, a trend you'd be happy to jump on, if you weren't still wearing your Moon Shoes.