Panther Coffee

There're innumerable strata of coffee, from instant crystals, to imported cappuccinos, to the dude who ruined your fantasy draft...why oh why do you have to love Jesus and automatic firearms so much, Glen Coffee?!? For a coffee house surpassing even him, get to Panther Coffee

From a Portland couple obsessed with going as far beyond Sanka as possible (and currently conducting a "sneak preview" bare-bones opening for Basel), Panther's a coffee boutique centered around a go-kart-sized 1923 roaster that allows for crazy control over roast rates, and therefore, the point at which the beans crack and caramelize, which's essential to revealing unique flavors, but hopefully not the one who thought Deelishis was just that. For the desired roast, they buy small lots of raw, very ripe beans they cook in 22lb batches, paying particular attention to the terroir (altitude, soil, sun exposure, length of growing season) in order to determine proper roasting time; everything's offered in six extraction methods, including espresso, Hario drip, aero press, French press, cold brewed, and vacuum pot -- also the tragic error that occurred last time you frantically cleaned before your parents came over. Coffees come from small growers and currently include three batches from Brazil (creamy, chocolaty, sweet), two from El Salvador (acidic w/ notes of clove and cinnamon), one from Kenya (juicy w/ hints of lemon and black currant), and another strawberry- and jasmine-accented one from Ethiopia that "finishes with finesse", so you can be fairly certain it's not Juwan Howard

After Basel they'll be renovating a bit then going full speed before the end of the year, offering cupping classes where you compare different bean regions, as well as instruction on how to make the most of your home brewing, and they'll be selling everything by the bag and cup -- not to be confused with the sacramental one Glen Coffee drank enough out of to go out and buy a loaded weapon.