3-Sum Eats

Though a small percentage of reality show contestants actually go on to bigger and better things, most of them just Puck. For a reality TV vet in the Haight doing up grub that doesn't, check out 3-Sum Eats.The latest addition to SF's food truck-dom, 3-Sum Eats is a just launched vittle mobile from former Top Chef-testant Ryan Scott that promises to get you "sauced, tossed & sandwiched" with nine weekly changing menu items served outta a vintage 1988 truck that used to sell hot dogs on the Vegas Strip, a job most people don't exactly relish. In attendance at street-food-apalooza Off the Grid in Upper Haight on Thursdays, Scott's ride comes equipped with a griddle flat top, 45gal fryer, steam table, and Jacuzzi-size ice bath filled with glass bottle Mexican Coke, plus a menu that'll always include three sandwiches, three desserts, a soup, salad, and something fried, though judging by the location, that seems redundant. Opening menu highlights included a Smoked Gouda-stuffed Portobello sandwich on a bed of mushroom ragout with homemade Thousand Island-smothered brioche, a Kitchen Sink Cookie, which features everything (Lays potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch, Four Barrel coffee) but said appliance, and Fried Gnocchi Tater-Tots rolled in herb bread crumbs and topped with a "dirty" ranch, presumably from (Not Very Well) Hidden Valley. Permitting for two permanent FiDi lunch locations is on the way, and for those that can't wait until Thursdays, the truck'll even pull up to your house for 100-person private parties with an all-you-can-eat menu, weirdly also the only compensation Puck demands in order to make an appearance.