Authentic izakaya hits the Marina

San Francisco

The Marina's first-ever authentic izakaya, this sake and small plate slinger features an upscale garage-y interior (polished cement floors, white tiling, aged timber wallwork), two paper lantern-equipped private dining areas, and ample amounts of fried, skewered, and pickled goodness (including a Snake River beef flap loin), 19 beer/sake/shochu options, and a weekend nigiri menu with fish flown in from Tokyo, presumably on a Fast and Furious plane that Drifts its way across the Pacific. Bow Wow!

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1. Chotto 3317 Steiner St, San Francisco, 94123

White tiled walls, wood accents, and brightly colored lanterns usher izakaya seekers into the Marina’s Japanese hotspot Chotto. The sleek metal counter space allows diners to marvel over the sushi chefs’ skills or watch as their bacon wrapped mochi is masterfully crafted. The kushiyaki and tonkotsu ramen aren't half bad, either.

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