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Frog Burger

While BBQs are generally great, they're not without issues, from the prep time, to getting charcoal on your clothing, to the troubling lack of a nearby 15-foot-tall walk-through human heart. For an outdoor grilling experience comfortably near one, hit Frog Cafe.

From the catering mind behind the Frog Commissary, FB's a breezy outdoor joint sitting on the Franklin Institute's lawn, featuring a kitchen built under a large white tent with tables surrounding it that'll be doling out summer sun-stroked sides and meats stuffed in rolls for lunch and dinner, a unique opportunity to destroy your health, and then go inside and learn how you did it. Starters and sides include an assortment of fries including cheese, garlic, and jalapeno-topped, a grilled chile-lime butter-topped ear of sweet corn, and fried green tomatoes with remoulade (and now you just learned how to say "Chris O'Donnell" in French!). Main plates all involve meat between bread, including a turkey burger, cheeseburgers topped with American, cheddar or Whiz, hot dogs, crab rolls, and the cholesterol-feting Love Burger: a cheeseburger patty with special sauce slid between two grilled cheese sammies -- a combination sure to have gourmands jumping for joy, if people who routinely eat sandwiches comprised of other sandwiches could get their feet off the ground.

A trio of beers (including PBC's Kenzinger and Fleur de Lehigh) and pitchers of sangria are there for quaffing, while desserts feature Bassett's-based shakes and Commissary-created slices of carrot cake and chocolate fudge "Killer Cake", even though everyone who's been to the Franklin knows what the real killer is: atherosclerosis lines!